The Evolution of the Scandinavian-American Superintendents Guild in New York City

In the early nineteen thirties at the height of the “Great Depression” when the rich went bankrupt and the poor starved, employment was the unattainable goal of millions. People vending apples at street corners were a familiar sight, while skilled workers either found themselves doing odd jobs unfamiliar to them or doing nothing and starving.
America held its breath as its immigrant struggled within the economic upheaval. A large number of these immigrants were Scandinavian and a good portion of them were ex-seamen.

There were those who had worked as captains, mates, engineers and ordinary seamen. They held jobs on ships from merchant vessels to millionaires’ yachts. Other crafts were represented by carpenters, ship builders and machinists to  mention a few.  Most of these Scandinavians were well-schooled and leamed in their specific trades.  Many of these people found themselves seeking jobs in New York’s thousands of apartment and office buildings as porters, handymen and superintendents.  Read more…

Scandinavian-American Building Managers Guild