AHRC Thank You Letter

By April 22, 2017Volunteer
Volunteers in the Schoolyard

My heartfelt appreciation to the following angels who have donated their time, funds, and materials to benefit our school!
iPads too!
We are forever in your debt.

Steve and Mary Weafer for bringing these wonderful groups of men and women to us!
Curt Bergeest & James Rauscher for Chairing the Renovation Project of Astoria Blue Feather Early learning Center!


  • Belfor Restoration – Peter Schmidt
  • Belfor Restoration – Nick Konstantopoulos
  • Franklin Lennon Paints – Edward Lennon
  • Benjamin Moore Paints – Michael Boothyrd
  • Kenny Building Services – Andrew Giacomazza
  • Pearlgreen Corporation – Lawrence Greenberg
  • Pearlgreen Corporation – Ken Nadel
  • JAD Corporation – Chris Panzerella
  • Fred Smith Plumbing – Phil Kraus
  • Fred Smith Plumbing – Spencer Kraus
  • Assured Environmental – Michael Bohan
  • National Maintenance Supply – Rich Cuccia
  • Duce Construction – Rory McCreesh
  • Allcon Contracting – Marko Bistakis
  • Allcon Contracting – George Prios
  • Scanio Movers – Yohai Cohen
  • Seriatim – June Prensky
  • Seriatim – Lavina Leveity
  • The Sutton House
  • NYARM/United Metro Energy – Margie Russell
  • AHRC/NYC – Apolimar Almanzar, Jimmy Gonzales
  • R & R General Supply Company – Randy Gordon, Robin Gordon
  • Metropolitan Building Managers of New York & Scandinavian American Building Managers Guild
  • Curt Bergeest, Rella O'Connor, Patrick Reidy, Donald Tampubolon,
  • James Rauscher, Ava Rauscher, Dwayne Doucette, Sheamus Cullen, Refat Berisha,
  • Sergio Castro, Jose Armaya, Patrick Sullivan, Joe Saljanin, Marlon Lall,
  • Troy Parker, Thomas Louie, Marvin Diaz, Chris Glorgoas, Elvis Kukaji,
  • Frank Cecunjanin, Agim Delija, Daniel Marmol, Eddie Martinez, Larry Carney,
  • Donald Kronski, Michael Baglivo, Francis Marane, Scott Hudgins,
  • Tim Popko, Andrezej Siedlik, Tomasz Darowski, Scott Aponte, Ralph Davis,
  • Peter Roach, Sean Wade, Martin Dowd, Frank Rampino , Rene Rivera

Heartfelt Appreciation, Christina Muccioli Director of Education AHRC NYC


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